120+ Smokin’ Jim Carrey Quotes

Jim Carrey Quotes

As one of the most successful comedians of our generation, Jim Carrey has made us laugh with his zany antics and funny observations on life. Born in 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, Jim started out as a stand-up comedian before landing roles on comedy television shows like In Living Color and Saturday Night Live.
He later transitioned into movies, starring in comedies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), The Mask (1994), Dumb and Dumber (1994), Liar Liar (1997), and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). He has also taken on more dramatic roles such as Truman Show (1998) and Man on the Moon (1999), for which he won a couple of prestigious Golden Globe awards.
Whether he is making us laugh or think with his acting, we can all agree that Jim Carrey is a talented individual. So without further ado, here are some of everyone’s favourite Jim Carrey quotes.

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Jim Carrey Quotes on Life

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.


Maybe other people will try to limit me but I don’t limit myself.


If you’ve got a talent, protect it.


I really believe in the philosophy that you create your own universe. I’m just trying to create a good one for myself.


My focus is to forget the pain of life. Forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it. And laugh.


People need motivation to do anything. I don’t think human beings learn anything without desperation.


My life is not unlike Truman’s. I can’t go anywhere.


My report card always said, ‘Jim finishes first and then disrupts the other students’.


If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret.


I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.


Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything, or creating anything. Period. If you ain’t desperate at some point, you ain’t interesting.


Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they’re eating sandwiches.


Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.


I got a lot of support from my parents. That’s the one thing I always appreciated. They didn’t tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny.


I need privacy. I would think that because what I do makes a lot of people happy that I might deserve a little bit of respect in return. Instead, the papers try to drag me off my pedestal.


I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.’


Life is an ordeal, albeit an exciting one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the good old days of poverty and obscurity.


One thing I hope I’ll never be is drunk with my own power. And anybody who says I am will never work in this town again.


I just want to be myself.


It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?


Creative people don’t behave very well generally. If you’re looking for examples of good relationships in show business, you’re gonna be depressed real fast. I don’t have time for anything else right now but work and my daughter. She’s my first priority.


I’m a hard guy to live with. I’m like a caged animal. I’m up all night walking around the living room. It’s hard for me to come down from what I do.


Either you’re the one erasing or you’re the one being erased.


I’ve arrived at the place if I’m not taking a career risk, I’m not happy. If I’m scared, then I know I’m being challenged.


I’m so wrapped up in my work that it’s often impossible to consider other things in my life. My marriage ended in divorce because of this, my relationship with Holly has suffered by this.


I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.


Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form risk being seen in all of your glory.


My soul is not contained within the limits of my body; my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul


So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach so we never dare to ask the universe for it. I’m the proof that you can ask the universe for it.


Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you.


As far as I can tell, it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and then working toward it while letting go of how it comes to pass.


Sometimes I think that’s the only thing that’s important really, is just letting each other know we’re here. Reminding each other that we’re part of a larger self.


I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which, was that you can fail at what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.


Now fear is going to be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much.


Hope is a beggar. Hope walks through the fire and faith leaps over it.


Your job is not to figure out how it’s going to happen for you, but to open the door in your head. And when the door opens in real life, just walk through it.


Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up & turn toward the light & that makes them beautiful.


You can be American, Canadian, Isreali, or Iranian but no man can put a border around who you really are.


Like many of you, I was concerned about going out into the world and doing something bigger than myself. Until someone smarter than myself made me realize that there is nothing bigger than myself.


I don’t decide when the sun will shine but I know that it will never shine without me.

Jim Carrey Quotes on Love

I really want to love somebody. I do. I just don’t know if it’s possible forever and ever.


We had problems like all families but we had a lot of love. I was extremely loved. We always felt we had each other.


A lot of good love can happen in ten years.


Even those who are closest to you and most in love with you, the people you love most in the world will find clarity confronting at times.


Everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart, and all that will be left of you is what was in your heart.


The best possible thing you can get out of a relationship is that you’re with somebody who encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

Jim Carrey Quotes on Acting

I love playing ego and insecurity combined.


If I had never ventured beyond being a stand-up comic, then I would be sitting in my house today working on my Leonardo DiCaprio impression.


It’s nice to finally get scripts offered to me that aren’t the ones Tom Hanks wipes his butt with.


I tend to stay up late, not because I’m partying but because it’s the only time of the day when I’m alone and don’t have to be performing.


I don’t care if people think I am an overactor, as long as they enjoy what I do. People who think that would call Van Gogh an overpainter.


I absolutely want to have a career where you make’em laugh and make’em cry. It’s all theater.


I want to be the greatest actor that ever lived, frankly. I’d love that. But I don’t need to be. I just want to be here. That’s it.


It was such a leap in my career when ‘Truman Show’ came along. It’s always been a long process for me insofar as recognition goes, but that’s OK because you appreciate it when it comes.


I’ve never been one to sit back and go, ‘I’d better do what the audience wants me to do, because I don’t want to lose them.’


I practiced making faces in the mirror and it would drive my mother crazy. She used to scare me by saying that I was going to see the devil if I kept looking in the mirror. That fascinated me even more, of course.

Jim Carrey Quotes on Money

The money can be a hindrance to someone like me because the danger is that you start thinking, ‘Is that a $20 million take?’ That kind of thing, and being self-critical.


There was a time when people said, ‘Jim, if you keep on making faces, your face will freeze like that.’ Now they just say, ‘Pay him!’


I haven’t been as wild with my money as somebody like me might have been. I’ve been very safe, very conservative with investments. I don’t blow money. I don’t have a ton of houses. I know things can go away. I’ve already had that experience.


That’s the trouble with being me. At this point, nobody gives a damn what my problem is. I could literally have a tumor on the side of my head and they’d be like, ‘Yeah, big deal. I’d eat a tumor every morning for the kinda money you’re pulling down.’


I’m the first to admit this whole salary thing is getting out of control. In the final analysis, it’s still about the work.


I refuse to feel guilty. I feel guilty about too much in my life but not about money. I went through periods when I had nothing, so somebody in my family has to get stinkin’ wealthy.

Jim Carrey Quotes from Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura: If I’m not back in five minutes… just wait longer.




Ace Ventura: Like a glove!


Melissa: Hi, I’m Melissa Robinson.

Ace Ventura: Pleasure to meet you.

Melissa: Did you have any trouble getting in?

Ace Ventura: No, the guy with the rubber glove was surprisingly gentle.


Ace Ventura: Do NOT go in there! Pheeww!


Lois Einhorn: Listen, pet dick. How would you like me to make your life a living hell?

Ace Ventura: Well, I’m not really ready for a relationship, Lois, but thank you for asking. Hey, maybe I’ll give you a call sometime. Your number’s still 911? All righty then.


Lois Einhorn: Ventura, when I get out of that bathroom, you better be gone.

Ace Ventura: Is it number one or number two? I just want to know how much time I have.


Ace Ventura: Warning. Assholes are closer than they appear.


Ace Ventura: Excuse me. I’d like to “ass” you a few questions.


Ace Ventura: Alllrighty then.


Melissa: You really love animals, don’t you?

Ace Ventura: If it gets cold enough.


Melissa: That was pretty impressive, what you did at the apartment.

Ace Ventura: You don’t have to tell me. I was there.


Ace Ventura: I gotta go guys! I gotta date with your mothers!


Ace Ventura: Once you get inside my head, there’s no turning back baby.


Ace Ventura: Obsess much?


Ace Ventura: Holy shitballs.

Jim Carrey Quotes from Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd Christmas: We got no food, we got no jobs… our PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!


Harry Dunne: I can’t believe we drove around all day, and there’s not a single job in this town. There is nothing, nada, zip!

Lloyd Christmas: Yeah! Unless you wanna work forty hours a week.


Harry Dunne: I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.

Lloyd Christmas: I was thinking the same thing. That John Denver’s full of shit, man.


Lloyd Christmas: Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?


Lloyd Christmas: Suck me sideways.


Lloyd Christmas: Harry, you’re alive. And a horrible shot!


Lloyd Christmas: I guess they’re right. Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. I’ll be right back! Don’t you go dying on me!


Lloyd Christmas: How about you go over and introduce yourself, build me up, that way I don’t have to brag about myself later.


Lloyd Christmas: G’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!


Lloyd Christmas: Life is a fragile thing, Har. One minute you’re chewin’ on a burger, the next minute you’re dead meat.

Jim Carrey Quotes from The Mask

The Mask: S-ssss-ssss-sssss-smokin’!


The Mask: Ooh, somebody stop me!


The Mask: Kiss me, my dear, and I will reveal my croissant. I will spread your pate. I will dip my ladle in your vichyssoise.


The Mask: Our love is like a red, red rose… and I am a little thorny.


Stanley Ipkiss: BACK OFF, Monkey Boy, before I tell your daddy you’re running this place like it’s your own personal piggy bank. Or maybe we should call the IRS, and see if we can arrange a little vacation for you at Club FED!


The Mask: Now you have to ask yourself one question. “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya? Punks!


The Mask: Look Ma, I’m roadkill!


The Mask: You were good, kid, real good. But as long as I’m around, you’ll always be second best, see?


The Mask: Hold on, Sugar! Daddy’s got a sweet tooth tonight!


Bobby the Bouncer: Uh, are you on the list?

The Mask: Noooo. But I believe my friends are. Perhaps you know them. Franklin, Grant, and… Jackson?


The Mask: Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green.


Alley Punk #1: Hey, mister! You got the time?

The Mask: As a matter of fact I do, Cubby. LOOK AT THAT! It’s exactly two seconds before I honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head!


Tina Carlyle: He’s going to the charity ball tonight. He’s gonna do something terrible.

Stanley Ipkiss: Like what, the Lambada?


Tina Carlyle: Is it true? You’re the Mask.

The Mask: Yeah, but don’t tell anybody. If I get… a good lawyer and strike up a deal… I’ll be out of here in about 10,000 years.

Jim Carrey Quotes from The Truman Show

Truman Burbank: Somebody help me, I’m being spontaneous!


Truman Burbank: Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


Christof: I know you better than you know yourself.

Truman Burbank: You never had a camera in my head!


Meryl: Truman! You are scaring me!

Truman Burbank: No. You’re scaring me, Meryl. What are you gonna do? Dice me, slice me or peel me? There’s so many CHOICES!


Truman Burbank: Was nothing real?

Christof: You were real. That’s what made you so good to watch…


Truman Burbank: I hereby proclaim this planet Trumania of the Burbank Galaxy.


Truman Burbank: The early bird gathers no moss! The rolling stone catches the worm!

Jim Carrey Quotes from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Joel Barish: Why do I fall in love with every woman I see who shows me the least bit of attention?


Joel Barish: Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.


Joel Barish: I could die right now, Clem. I’m just… happy. I’ve never felt that before. I’m just exactly where I want to be.


Joel Barish: What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out that she’s a stranger.


Joel Barish: Random thoughts for Valentine’s day, 2004. Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.


Joel Barish: Sand is overrated. It’s just tiny, little rocks.


Joel Barish: I had a really nice time last night.

Clementine: Nice?

Joel Barish: I had the best fucking night of my entire fucking life, last night!

Clementine: Thaaaat’s better!


Joel Barish: Mierzwiak! Please let me keep this memory, just this one.


Joel Barish: Look at it out here, it’s all falling apart. I’m erasing you and I’m happy!


Joel Barish: My God, there’s people coming out of your butt.


Clementine: What are you, NUTS?

Joel Barish: It’s been suggested.


Joel Barish: This is working like gangbusters.

Interesting Facts about Jim Carrey

After enjoying these great quotes that made us laugh, emotional, and even got us inspired, here are some interesting facts about Jim Carrey you may love as well.

  1. No Belief in Ace Ventura – Ace Ventura is perhaps one of the funniest movies ever made, and without a doubt one of the best Carrey has made during his career. However, his co-workers and colleagues to this movie did not believe it would be a hit. They would smile and fake applaud when the movie was mentioned, but had no belief in it. Boy, were they wrong.
  2. Becoming a Stand-Up Comedian Because of His Father – Carrey used to perform a little bit at a young age and it was his father, Percy, who encouraged him to try being a professional comedian. Not a doctor, not a lawyer, but a professional comedian. Carrey and his father wrote a routine and at age 15, he had his first real performance at Yuk Yuk’s in Toronto. He was hackled by the owner and of the club and did not return there for 2 years. Instead, he turned to the New-York comedy scene, and after getting better and bigger, he made it to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson at the age of 21.
  3. Tommy Lee Jones Wasn’t Friendly to Him – In 1995, Jim Carrey played along Tommy Lee Jones in the movie Batman Forever. Tommy played the role of Two-Face Dent while Carrey played the role of Riddler. It seems that Tommy was indeed a two-face in real life, as in the press he complimented Carrey, saying he’s a down to Earth good guy and inspiring and bold in the movie’s character. On the other hand, privately (and that’s according to Carrey), Tommy told him early in the production of the movie that he hated him and his buffoonery. The sad thing was, that Carrey actually admired Tommy Lee Jones, who thought differently of Carrey.
  4. Carrey Wrote a Children’s Book – Jim Carrey wrote and published a children’s book in 2013 by the name of How Roland Rolls. The book tells the story of an ocean wave that is called Roland who frets about the consequences of finally hitting the beach and if it would mean his end as a wave and the end of his existence. Carrey wrote the book as well drew the concept art. As for the illustrations, they were made by Rob Nason.
  5. His First Movie Was Made for Television – In 1981, Carrey got his first major role in the movie Introducing… Janet. The movie aired the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and was made for TV. Carrey who was 19 years old at the time played an aspiring comedian who befriends a woman struggling with insecurity. At the time, Carrey said it was unusual for him to play a comedian who was bad at impressions when in fact, he was extremely good at them. In 1995, the movie was released on home video but was called Rubberface.

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