60+ Mischievous Bugs Bunny Quotes

Bugs Bunny Quotes

Bugs Bunny is one of the most iconic cartoon characters in the world and has been entertaining audiences for over 80 years. This lovable, wisecracking bunny first appeared in the 1940 Warner Bros. cartoon “A Wild Hare” and has since become a cultural icon.

Bugs Bunny’s quick wit and clever comebacks have made him one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Bugs Bunny quotes. So, let’s get started and see what’s up, doc!

Some of the quotes appear in the following video:

Eh, what’s up, Doc?


I’ll be scared later. Right now, I’m too mad.


I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law!


I bet you say that to all the wabbits.


Jumpin’ without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain’t it?


I can do anything you can do, only better!


And remember, ‘mud’ spelled backwards is ‘dum’.


Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive!


You know, sometimes me conscience bothers me… but not this time.


Stop steamin’ up my tail! What are ya tryin’ to do, wrinkle it?


Carrots are divine, you get a dozen for a dime, it’s maaaa-gic!


You know, maybe there is no intelligent life out there in the universe after all.


So you call yourself a mounty. Heh heh heh heh, you can’t catch me…Why you couldn’t even catch a cold.


Well, like the Romans always say – E Pluribus Uranium.


You know what I’m gonna do to you? I’m gonna punch you right square in the nose.


Eh, you wouldn’t be so tough if you weren’t wearing that uniform.


Now just a minute, Red, ain’t you got that wrong? You mean, dead men tell no tales


It just goes to show ya that a one-eyed jack rabbit can beat a king.


Of course you realize, this means war.


Do you happen to know what the penalty is for shooting a fricaseeing rabbit without a fricaseeing rabbit license?


Later I found myself in the Sahara Desert, where I met the stupidest character of them all, Yosemite Sam.


I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!


Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It’s shameful, but…eh, it’s a living.


Well, what do you know … there’s the little Wiener Schnitzel now.


Don’t think it hasn’t been a little slice of heaven…’cause it hasn’t!


If an interesting monster can’t have an interesting hairdo I don’t know what this world is coming to.


Okay Okay I’m shuttin’ up. Why should I continue to keep yappin’ when I’m told to shut up. I’m not the kind that don’t know when to stop.


Hurry, hurry, get your free cigars, every cigar’s a vote for Bugs Bunny.


Ha! You have insult the great lover, the marquess of Queensbury Rules, take this!


I wonder what the poor bunnies are doing this season?


Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?


For shame, doc. Hunting rabbits with an elephant gun. Why don’t you shoot yourself an elephant?


Come on, come on, step on it, we’ve still gotta make Rio De Janeirio.


Eeeeeeh, watch me paste that pathetic palooka with a powerful, pachydermous, percussion pitch.


The way I run this thing you’d think I knew something about it.


Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.


Of course I talk to myself. Because sometimes, I need expert advice.


I don’t ask questions, I just have fun.


What’s the hassle, Schmasel?


Ooh look, a four legged airplane.


Poor little maroon, so trusting, so naive.


My, I’ll bet you monsters lead innnnteresting lives.


Shhh! I’m about to defy you.


I’ve heard of Hell’s Angels, but I never thought I’d see one.


Ya know, someday these scientists are gonna invent something that will outsmart a rabbit.


There’s the old mixing it, kid, that’s the old fighter. Let’s see you give it everything you got, let’s see you rough it up.


If it’s the Captain’s mess, let him clean it up.


What! Sore again? Ehhh, what a nasty disposition.


Well, I’m willing to do anything my public demands.


Oh well, maybe I can shine it up and use it for an ashtray.


Gin rummy’s my game Sam.


I’m just a little wabbit!


Well, anyone for Russian roulette?


Ata boy Sambo, give’m both barrels!


Ehhh, so long Screwy, see ya in St. Louie.


So long Sammy! See you in Miami!


Ahhh, your brother blows bubblegum!


Ehhh, what is up, m’sieur le physician?


Oh no you don’t, the captain goes down with his ship!


Ain’t ya comin’ in Mac? The girls have been askin’ for ya.


A few of my poor relations… they’re always ready for a touch.


Ehhh, what’s up Doc? You with the sideshow around here?


Yes, heh heh heh heh, a rabbit, and just who do you think you are?


I assume it would not be too improper to borrow a cup of diced carrots, huh?


Gee, ain’t I a stinker?


Just a minute partna’, you can’t talk to me like that, them’s fightin’ words


Now just a minute Von Schmamm the Hessian, this happens to be me native soil and I like it.

Interesting Facts about Bugs Bunny

After we had a good laugh, it’s time to get to know our dear bunny friend a bit better, with the following interesting facts about Bugs Bunny. Enjoy!

  1. He Was First an Extra – Bugs Bunny was created in 1938, but back then, he was still nameless. He was created for a cartoon in which Porky Pig went hunting, and the bunny was an extra in this carton. However, the actual character would appear only years later.
  2. The Voice of Bugs Bunny Was Supposed to Mimic That of Daffy Duck’s – When he was created, the director of Bugs thought that it would be best if the bunny’s voice was similar to that of Daffy Duck, because it was already a successful as well as popular character. Actor Mel Blanc was the one who provided the voices of Bugs, Daffy, and many other Looney Tunes characters, among them are Speedy Gonzales, Tweety Bird, and Marvin the Martian.
  3. Inspired by Clark Gable – The bunny’s mannerisms, such as the way he talked and ate his carrots, was in fact inspired by a scene from the movie “It Happened One Night”, when Clark Gable talked fast and snacked on carrots while he was learning on a fence. Other inspirations for Bugs Bunny were taken from Groucho Marx.
  4. Elmer Fudd Wins Sometimes – Bugs doesn’t always win his battles against Elmer Fudd, and he actually loses to Elmer in “What’s Opera, Doc”, the 1957 short that is a parody on Wagner’s operas.
  5. Being Part of WWII Propaganda – Bugs Bunny shows up in several Private Snafu shorts, which are instructional cartoons that were meant to educate U.S. military troops about proper sanitation and not leaking American secrets. The films were considered to be classified information, so not even the actual people who worked on the animation at Warner Bros. were allowed to see the final piece.
  6. Bugs Bunny in a Coma – In 1961, Blanc who we mentioned above is responsible for Bugs Bunny’s voice, was involved in a serious car accident which left him in a coma for weeks. He was unresponsive, so in order to try and get him to talk, the doctor tried something else which was talking to Blanc and asking him: “Bugs Bunny, how are you doing today?” to which Blanc responded in the bunny’s voice, saying: “What’s up, Doc?”, as if the bunny was trying to save Blanc’s life.

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