90+ Shaken Not Stirred James Bond Quotes

James Bond Quotes

“The name’s Bond. James Bond.” If you’re a fan of action and spy movies, then you’ve probably heard this famous quote before. It comes from the iconic James Bond franchise, which is one of the most successful movie series of all time. Over the years, there have been 25 official Bond films, and they’ve grossed over $7 billion at the box office worldwide. Not too shabby for a British spy who likes his martinis shaken, not stirred.

The James Bond movies are a series of spy films based on the fictional character of MI6 agent James Bond, who originally appeared in a series of books by Ian Fleming. The first film in the series, Dr. No, was released in 1962. Sean Connery played Bond in seven of the films before retiring from the role in 1971. Roger Moore took over as Bond in 1973 and played him for 12 years, until 1985. Timothy Dalton then became Bond for two films before Pierce Brosnan took over the role and played it for four films from 1995-2002. Daniel Craig is the latest James Bond, having taken over the role in 2006 with Casino Royale and finishing playing the role in No Time to Die (2021).

And now, let’s recall some of the best James Bond quotes from all the years.

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James Bond Quotes from Goldfinger (1964)

My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done, such as drinking Dom Perignon ’53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!


James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?

Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!


Bond, James Bond.


Auric Goldfinger. Sounds like a French nail varnish.


Mei-Lei: Can I do something for you, Mr. Bond?

James Bond: Eh, just a drink. A martini. Shaken, not stirred.


James Bond Quotes from You Only Live Twice (1967)

Japanese proverb say, “Bird never make nest in bare tree.”


Oh the things I do for England.


Well, if I’m gonna be forced to watch television, may I smoke?


You only live twice: Once when you are born and once when you look death in the face.


James Bond: Hello, Penny.

MoneyPenny: You better go right in. You’re late, as usual – even from your own funeral.

James Bond: Well, we corpses have absolutely no sense of timing.

James Bond Quotes from Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Bitch. Your problems are all behind you now.


Welcome to Hell, Blofeld.


Tiffany Case: Is he dead?

James Bond: I sincerely hope so.


James Bond: It appears that you’re holding all the aces – right down to the dragon lady, over here.

Blofeld: Jealousy? From you, Mr. Bond? I’m flattered.

James Bond Quotes from Octopussy (1983)

James Bond: Forgive my curiosity, but, what is that?

Magda: That’s my little octopussy.


Easy comes, easy goes!


At the risk of appearing to be making light dinner conversation, may I ask exactly why I’m here?


Kamal Khan: You have a nasty habit of surviving.

James Bond: Well, you know what they say about the fittest.


Someone seems to have stuck a knife in my wallet.

James Bond Quotes from The Living Daylights (1987)

Kara Milovy: What happened?

James Bond: He got the boot.


Kara Milovy: You were fantastic. We’re free.

James Bond: Kara, we’re inside a Russian airbase in the middle of Afghanistan.


Leonid Pushkin: I am in the dark as much as you. It is a question of trust. Who do you believe? Koskov, or me?

James Bond: If I trusted Koskov we wouldn’t be talking. But as long as you’re alive, we’ll never know what he’s up to.

James Bond Quotes from License to Kill (1989)

James Bond: In my business you prepare for the unexpected.

Franz Sanchez: And what business is that?

James Bond: I help people with problems.

Franz Sanchez: Problem solver.

James Bond: More of a problem eliminator.


Pam, this is Q, my “uncle”. Uncle, this is “Miss Kennedy,” my “cousin.”


Della Leiter: Oh, James, would you mind? Felix is still in the study and we’ve got to cut this cake.

James Bond: I’ll do anything for a woman with a knife.


Felix Leiter: There’s only one law down there. Sanchez’s Law! Plomo o Plata.

James Bond: Lead or Silver.

James Bond Quotes from GoldenEye (1995)

Natalya Simonova: Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?

James Bond: Standard operating procedure. Boys with toys.


Jack Wade: Jack Wade, CIA.

James Bond: James Bond, stiff-ass Brit.


Xenia Onatopp: You don’t need the gun, Commander.

James Bond: Well, that depends on your definition of safe sex.


Caroline: James, is it really necessary to drive quite so fast?

James Bond: More often than you’d think.


Alec Trevelyan: James! what an unpleasant surprise.

James Bond: We aim to please.


She always did enjoy a good squeeze.


Xenia Onatopp: Enjoy it while it lasts.

James Bond: The very words I live by.


Governments change… the lies stay the same.


No small talk? No chit chat? That’s the trouble these days. Nobody takes the time to do a real sinister interrogation. It’s a lost art.

James Bond Quotes from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Another Carver building. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he developed an edifice complex.


You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!


James Bond: You were pretty good with that hook.

Wai-Lin: It comes from growing up in a rough neighborhood.

James Bond: Uh huh.

Wai-Lin: You were pretty good on the bike.

James Bond: Well, that comes from not growing up at all.


Paris Carver: Do you know I used to look in the papers every day for your obituary?

James Bond: Well, I’m sorry I keep disappointing you.


Wai Lin: Still interested in hostile takeovers?

James Bond: It’s the opportunities for travel that I like best about banking


Never argue with a woman. They’re always right.


We’re gonna finish this together. And if I may say so, you found the right decadent, corrupt Western agent as a partner.


Wai Lin: Helicopter!

James Bond: All right, keep your shirt on.


No more absurd than starting a war for ratings.

James Bond Quotes from The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Elektra King: I could have given you the world.

James Bond: The world is not enough.

Elektra King: Foolish sentiment.

James Bond: Family motto.


James Bond: I was wrong about you.

Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah? How so?

James Bond: I thought Christmas only comes once a year.


If you can’t trust a Swiss banker, what’s the world come to?


Elektra King: I hope you know how to ski, then.

James Bond: I came prepared for a cold reception.


Lachaise: I’m giving you the opportunity to walk out with the money, Mr. Bond.

James Bond: I’m giving you the opportunity to walk out with your life.


James Bond: You’ve defused hundreds of these, right?

Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, but they’re usually standing still.

James Bond: Yes, well, life is full of small challenges.


Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.


James Bond: Expecting Davidov? He caught a bullet, instead of the plane.

Renard: You can’t kill me, I’m already dead.

James Bond: Oh yeah, not dead enough for me.


Dr. Christmas Jones: What’s the story with you and Elektra?

James Bond: We’re strictly plutonic, now.


Revenge is not hard to fathom for a man who believes in nothing.

James Bond Quotes from Die Another Day (2002)

Well, the fun is about to come to a dead end.


You know, I’ve missed your sparkling personality.


James Bond: I’m looking for a North Korean.

Raul: Tourist?

James Bond: Terrorist.

Raul: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.


Colonel Moon: You will not live to see the day all Korea is ruled by the North.

James Bond: Then you and I have something in common.


Verity: I see you handle your weapon well.

James Bond: I have been known to keep my tip up.


Vodka martini, plenty of ice… if you can spare it.


Jinx: Giacinta Johnson. My friends call me Jinx.

James Bond: My friends call me James Bond.


Gustav Graves: He died chasing a dream. Isn’t that the way to go?

James Bond: I’d rather not go at all.


So you live to die another day.


Mr. Kil: I’m Mr. Kil.

James Bond: Now there’s a name to die for.


I’m checking out. Thanks for the Kiss of Life.

James Bond Quotes from Casino Royale (2006)

Why is it that people who can’t take advice always insist on giving it?


James Bond: Vodka-martini.

Bartender: Shaken or stirred?

James Bond: Do I look like I give a damn?


Le Chiffre: You changed your shirt, Mr. Bond. I hope our little game isn’t causing you to perspire.

James Bond: A little. But I won’t consider myself to be in trouble until I start weeping blood.


Vesper Lynd: You love me?

James Bond: Enough to travel the world with you until one of us has to take an honest job… which I think is going to have to be you, because I have no idea what an honest job is.


Vesper Lynd: You can switch off so easily, can’t you? It doesn’t bother you? Killing those people?

James Bond: Well, I wouldn’t be very good at my job if it did.


M: I knew it was too early to promote you.

James Bond: Well, I understand 00s have a very short life expectancy… so your mistake will be short-lived.


James Bond: So you want me to be half-monk, half-hitman.

M: Any thug can kill. I need you to take your ego out of the equation.


Well, I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.

James Bond Quotes from Quantum of Solace (2008)

M: Bond, I need you back.

James Bond: I never left.


They say you’re judged by the strength of your enemies.


I don’t think the dead care about vengeance.


Have you ever killed someone? The training will tell you that when the adrenaline kicks in you should compensate. But part of you’s not going to believe the training because this kill is personal. Take a deep breath. You only need one shot. Make it count.

James Bond Quotes from Skyfall (2012)

M: I fucked this up, didn’t I?

James Bond: No. You did your job.


James Bond: Well, everybody needs a hobby.

Silva: So what’s yours?

James Bond: Resurrection.


James Bond: I read your obituary of me.

M: And?

James Bond: Appalling.

M: Yeah, I knew you’d hate it. I did call you “an exemplar of British fortitude”.

James Bond: That bit was all right.


A gun and a radio. It’s not exactly Christmas, is it?


Last rat standing.


Youth is not a guarantee of innovation.


Raoul Silva: Just look at you, barely held together by your pills and your drink.

James Bond: Don’t forget my pathetic love of country.


Sévérine: Will you… kill him?

James Bond: Someone always dies.

James Bond Quotes from Spectre (2015)

Blofeld: Why did you come?

James Bond: I came here to kill you.

Blofeld: And I thought you came here to die.

James Bond: Well, it’s all a matter of perspective.


Madeleine: You shouldn’t stare.

James Bond: Well, you shouldn’t look like that.


Madeleine: Why, given every other possible option, does a man choose the life of a paid assassin?

James Bond: Well, it was that or the priesthood.


Lucia Sciarra: Did you kill my husband?

James Bond: He was an assassin. He wouldn’t have taken it personally.


Q: May I remind you that I answer directly to M. I also have a mortgage and two cats to feed.

James Bond: Well, then I suggest you trust me, for the sake of the cats.


Blofeld: He’s a visionary, like me.

James Bond: Visionaries… Psychiatric wards are full of them.

James Bond Quotes from No Time to Die (2021)

Madeleine: Why would I betray you?

James Bond: We all have our secrets. We just didn’t get to yours yet.


You have all the time in the world.


You’re right. Letting go is hard.


Madeleine: How will I know you’re okay?

James Bond: You won’t. You’ll never see me again.


James Bond: How’s the view?

Madeleine: It’s growing on me. Can you go faster?

James Bond: We don’t need to go faster. We have all the time in the world.


James Bond: If I don’t come back, blow it all to shit.

Nomi: We don’t have enough explosives for that.

James Bond: Yeah, but they don’t know that.

Interesting Facts about James Bond

Now, let’s have a look at some fascinating facts about James Bond himself and the various James Bond movies. We are pretty sure you’ll enjoy these interesting facts. Let’s begin.

  1. The Origin of the James Bond CharacterIan Fleming, the author of the James Bond character shared that he began about this character back in 1952. Fleming was a bachelor most of his life and finally he was about to get married. He started feeling anxiety and in order to shift his mind and feelings from it, he searched for some kind of an activity to occupy him. That was when he started writing about the James Bond character, inspired at some part from his own service during WWII in Naval Intelligence. The first book that was published was Casino Royale in 1953.
  2. JFK Unknowingly Helped the James Bond Movies – In an article that was published in 1961 in Life magazine, president John F. Kennedy stated that From Russia With Love was one of this favourite books. Without even knowing or probably meaning to, sales of the book increased dramatically as more and more people took interest and bought it. No long after, offers to make Bond movies popped up and just like that, from a statement by the president in an article, the movies of James Bond were born.
  3. Not Everyone Wanted Sean Connery to Play James Bond – When the first big James Bond movie was set to be filmed for theatres, hundreds of actors were taken into consideration for the part, which at the end went to a young Scottish actor by the name of Sean Connery. However, it was Ian Fleming, the author of the book, who didn’t like the choice of Connery as Bond. He had his own clear vision of how Bond should look and be like, and he thought that Connery was too rough and more a stuntman than his Bond vision of a gentleman spy who’s also very charismatic. At the end, Fleming approved, especially when a lot of his female friends wanted to see Connery play Bond due to his attractive looks.
  4. The Urban Legend That Goldfinger Created – Goldfinger is considered to this day as one of the best Bond films ever made. If there’s one thing that pops into mind when thinking about the movie, is the image of the nude woman being covered head to toe in gold paint, and that created an urban legend. The actor who plays the woman being covered in gold is Jill Masterston and in the movie, she is the mistress of a villain played by Shirley Eaton. When Goldfinger discovers the woman’s betrayal, he covers her in gold paint, causing her to die due to “skin suffocation”. The urban legend that followed, was that Eaton herself has also died from similar causes during filming. This of course was not true, but that’s the nature of Urban Legends to stay around us.
  5. A Gambling Habit Scored Roger Moore the Part – Want to know how Roger Moore became the next James Bond after Sean Connery? It seems that Moore used to gamble at different clubs in London, and not once he played alongside producers of Bond movies Saltzman and Broccoli. The three had some good times around the gambling tables that soon after, Moore got the call to play the part of James Bond.
  6. Fans Brought Back a Popular Villain – You hardly see the same villain in more than one Bond movie, but this was an exception to the rule. In the movie The Spy Who Loved Me from 1977, Richard Kiel plays the role of villain Jaws, a scary character with metal teeth. His character survives the movie, but because fans loved his performance so much, they demanded that he’ll return for the next movie, a thing that never happened so far. And so, producers couldn’t ignore the fans, and in the 1979 movie Moonraker, Jaws was back on the screen and the fans loved it.
  7. Pierce Brosnan Was On the Bond Set a Lot Before He Became Bond Himself – Brosnan became James Bond in 1995 and played the part for 4 movies. However, back in 1980 he already had visited a Bond movie set and hung around there, because his then-wife (Cassandra Harris) played the role of Countess Lisl von Schlaff in the movie For Your Eyes Only. Unfortunately, she died in 1991 at the age of 43 after battling with ovarian cancer.
  8. Sting And David Bowie Almost Became Bond Villains – Grace Jones and Christopher Walken play villains in the 1985 Bond movie, A View to a Kill. However, before Walken got the part of Zorin, Sting and Bowie were considered for that role as well. Sting met with the director about the part, but because of previous commitments, Sting had no time to play the part. As for Bowie, he decided to decline the offer eventually, saying that he didn’t want to spend 5 months watching his stunt double fall off mountains.
  9. GoldenEye Is Not Just The Title of The Movie – GoldenEye is the 1995 Bond movie that is also Brosnan’s first crack at the part. In the movie, GoldenEye is a satellite that can disable electronics via electromagnetic pulse. However, the movie is named after Fleming’s home in Jamaica, where he used to write his Bond novels until he died in 1964. Today, the house is used as a luxury resort.
  10. Daniel Craig Didn’t Jump On the Role of James Bond – You would have thought that any actor would have killed to play the role of James Bond, but that wasn’t the case when it came to Daniel Craig. Craig said that he understood that accepting this role would change his entire life and not necessarily for good. However, Craig accepted the part and in 2005 became the next actor to play the role of James Bond.
  11. One Singer – Multiple Movie Themes – As it turns out, only one singer sung the theme song of a Bond movie more than once. A lot of great musicians and bands sung the theme songs for the various Bond movies, among them are Tom Jones, A-Ha, Duran Duran, Adele, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Garbage and others. However, only one singer sung in more than one movie the theme songs. In 1964, Shirley Bassey recorded the song for the movie Goldfinger and then returned again to sing the theme songs for the movies Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker. She almost recorded a fourth Bond theme song for the movie Thunderball called Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but eventually the theme song went to Tom Jones.

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